Epica Solutions Pty Ltd (Epica) is a wholly owned Australian Company which commenced in September 2002 with a focus on Cataloguing and Codifying Inventory Data. It holds an ISO accreditation in Quality Data Management (ISO8001:110) and has the necessary expertise, skill sets and experience to provide NATO Codification Services to the ADF as highlighted in the tenderer’s current and past performance.

Epica has also serviced client’s data requirements of over 50 companies or government entities since its inception including the Codification needs of the ADF and Primes. In recognition of its contribution to the ADF Epica was previously acknowledged through the DRSS Scheme and is now a holder of LORS (Letter of Recognised Supply). Epica is also a DISP member allowing the company to initiate its own security clearance requirements. Many of its personnel have a security clearance to NV1 level to enable it to service ADF Unit requirements.


The following Projects provides ample evidence of Epica’s capability to supply NATO Codification Services. A synopsis of its support to the ADF is as follows:

September 2003 – Six-month task for TFSPO RAAF Williamtown requiring three codifiers. Mr Sean Best TF Supervisor praised the team’s efforts.

May 2005 – Codification task for the NCB (RFT R0042). The task commenced in June 2005 with three codifiers. The contract was extended in October 2005 for a further three months.

2006 – ASC project for the Collins Class Submarine encompassing 10000 line items. The work was performed at the NCB using three personnel and completed in August 2008. Epica was congratulated on the excellent codification work conducted.

July 2006 – Codification Services to GWEO at Orchard Hills NSW for six months which commenced in August 2006.

February 2008 – Codification services to the NCB (Contract NCB 1/2008) with up to four personnel. This commenced in February 2009 initially for a year with two options each of 12 months which were exercised. The work involved: – full Codification services including new items, – screening existing NSN’s, – submitting and actioning codification request to the NCB – evaluating support data, – providing data entry for codification data to MC Catalogue, and – processing requests for Australian and Foreign activities including NCAGE Codes.   Epica has on several occasions been complimented for its efforts including by the NCB Director Mr Paul Kenworthy for its efficiency in continually exceeding KPI’s and quality of output.

2011 – Provided codification assistance to BAE Williamstown for the ANZAC Frigates, AWD and LHD. This included identification of spares, acquisition of supporting data, supplier manufacturer liaison, submission of codification request and reporting.

May 2012 – Epica was awarded contract NCB 1/2012. This was for five years (3+1+1) utilising six codifiers. This contract has now been extended to November 2018 due to CASG’s contracting changes.

At all times the team has exceeded KPI’s and are proud of its record in supplying timely quality output for the NCB and ADF.  Epica has also supplied and or continues to supply Codification services through an SME Aggregator to

PBSPO Darwin,

HSPO Cairns,

JC4ISPO (formerly CISSO), and

AASPO Oakey (though Noventus Pty Ltd).

The practitioner at HSPO was awarded a certificate of excellence by the base commander for his efforts.


In October 2008 Epica was engaged to provide a full analysis of the Codification and Cataloguing requirements of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Its National Codification Bureau had a stated aim to become a tier two entity whereby it could initiate its own NSN’s.    Following the detailed Analysis and its presentation of the findings to the SANDF Epica was successful in conjunction with Classic One Trading (C1C) in providing Codification and Data Cataloguing services to the SANDF for three years commencing in March 2009 with completion in April 2012. Epica supplied expertise in codification training, mentoring and directing a local team of 15 personnel and assisting in the management of the project.


The Codification Team is headed by a Level 3 – 4 practitioner and has undertaken tasks as a subject matter expert consultant both within Australia and overseas. He has been involved with NATO Codification since 1977 commencing with military service in the British Army. This was in a supply logistics role ensuring vital spares parts and replenishment levels were maintained. This peeked his interest in the NATO Codification system.

His tenure has allowed him to build up an excellent and much wanted level of expertise unsurpassed in all matters regarding NATO Codifications services. He has represented industry and presented papers at Codification forums around the world   Following his military career he worked for several codification contractors providing full codification services to the United Kingdom National Codification Bureau (UKNCB). He has successfully performed all aspects of the Codification process and developed and managed various teams of resources ensuring customer expectations were met and achieved corporate goals in terms of quality and financial expectations. This included engineering organisations that not only manufacture but also provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) solutions to the Defence market. His strong understanding of the ILS process has ensured the codification element has been achieved within project time-lines, to budget and to the required quality.

In 2009, he joined Epica Solutions in his capacity as a Codification Consultant for the SANDF Project. His primary role since has been supporting the Australian NCB as the Codification Coordinator managing a team of codifiers providing full codification support, ensuring Customer requirements are met both from a quality and KPI perspective. This role entails the following activities.

Weekly report writing advising Defence on productivity,

Data quality issues,

Team Development.

Continued on-the-job training ensuring resources have the required skills to acquit their assigned tasks,

Customer liaison ensuring submitted requests are IAW with Defence Guidelines,

Assisting customers with technical advice on processes and requirements to enable submission of codification requests

Assisting NCB Management with the organisation and completion of the codification work-flow,

Assisting with forward planning of contractor resources ensuring vital resources are identified, available and deployed, and

Assisting resources with the introduction of new software tools to enable codification services.

In 2009 as part of an African/Australian consortium he was engaged to provide codification consultancy services. His expertise in Codification enabled the team to service the requirement professionally. The consortium was bidding on SANDF’s Project to upgrade its Inventory Logistics initiatives involving Codification, Cataloguing and Inventory verification services. He played a pivotal role in examining the current system and compiling the subsequent Analysis report which led to a three-year engagement by the consortium in assisting the SANDF achieve its stated aims.

The members of his NCB team all have significant skills and expertise in Codification tasks and have a combined 40 plus years Codification experience. The recent transition from CENCAT 3 to MC Catalogue (codification software application) went smoothly and effectively due in a large part to the team’s effort and training.


Epica Solutions has recently changed its focus on the services provided and have made a decision to no longer engage in large or long term cataloguing cleansing or upgrade projects. Instead it now concentrates on the provision of services and resources to various Government Departments (with a focus on Defence) and now various Major Service Providers appointed by CASG Defence.

To that end Epica has supplied personnel with a variety of skills sets such as Project Managers, ILS Practitioners, Technical Spares assessors, Disposals personnel and Material Logistics Specialists through SME aggregators such as Servegate and SME Gateway. Some of these were supplied because the personnel also held expertise and skills in NATO Codification apart from their primary skill set. Epica Solutions is a member of the DSS Panel in NATO Codification and will apply to be qualified in the provision of ILS staff in the next round.