Starlink is an experienced business solution provider since 1997 in the field of ERP system integration, Asset Management and Cataloging. Starlink makes use of a tired and tested content management methodology, tool sets , products and services. Starlink proposed solutions are based on the approach of delivering an international best practice solutions for Material Description Cataloging , Codification , Validation and Data Enrichment. We rely on quality of our products and services that our clients believe in. Our organization displays a high end commitment towards our clients.

Starlink is a seasoned and talented team of Enterprise Asset and Content Management consultants , we helped our clients to improve their performance and profits. Though our approach is complex but our goal is simple : we want support our customers to achieve maximum return on investment-ROI.


To become a leading supplier of composite information technology and engineering consulting services to the Middle Eastern market.


Starlink Middle East mission is to help organizations derive real economic value from well integrated automation solutions. Starlink Middle East uses intelligent and advance technologies to automate, integrate and optimize all management and information processes so as to facilitate the accessibility of information for organizational decision-makers. Such a total systems approach offers particular support and benefits to those who are implementing advance technologies.


Starlink considers Saudization and local human resource empowerment as one of the core elements in our company mission statement. Our aim is to achieve a 50% saudization therefore, we constantly focus on markets that can provide a platform in all operational levels, giving us the opportunity to implement various skills transfer programmes.